From Distributed to Complete Computing

Discover the main scientific and technological trends in the areas of Software, Services and Cloud Computing!

The following list of topics have been extracted from the HOLA CLOUD Roadmap and they have been analysed through the HOLA CLOUD Portal to show the main scientific and technological trends in each of the selected areas and the most active experts / projects / organisations. The analysis is complemented with information on the forthcoming H2020 calls to which R&D or innovation projects around these trends / hot topics could be submitted for financial support.

The analysis is based on data extracted from the HOLA Portal in September 2016. Please note that the data included in this gallery may differ from the current results in as the portal is being updated on a dynamic basis.

Cloud Security
Dynamic Scale
Green Computing
Identity Management
Open Access
Privacy Preserving
Privacy Protection
System Testing
Ease of programming: Applications Development Environment
Platform Choice: Interoperability and Elasticity in Cloud Computing
Big Data and Location: Network Placement in Cloud Computing
Business justification of CLOUD Computing: Business Models in Cloud Computing
Environmental justification of Cloud Computing
Better Security and Privacy: Policies and NFRs

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