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Using Hola Portal to know more about cloud security

Using Hola Portal to know more about cloud security

Let’s try using the Hola Cloud platform and start by scouting about cloud security, a topic identified in the Hola Cloud roadmap.



Regarding ‹Cloud Security›, HOLA PORTAL results show an increasing concern about this topic in recent years. Topics such as Mobile Device Authentication are gaining traction in the last year meanwhile other such as Network Virtualization seem pretty stable along the time. This seems in agreement with the actual user needs that move to new platforms but still rely on traditional technologies.


  • Cloud security : main features in this discovery example below, related key words and also organizations.



  • The foam tree, Let’s see now the foam tree related to « cloud security » :


Figure. Clusters for ‘Cloud Security’

  • It not only works with topics but also entities. So for a topic you can see entities and key words related to a topic.




So you can see the related key words for cloud security. It not only works with topics but also entities.

Our users come here to explore the state of the art, and also to get a visual sense of the topics they are exploring, which area are related compared with what they think about in the first place.

The main use of the foam tree is to discover key words related to your search, or even to navigate and get into any of them, like for example virtualization.

So click there allow you to enter in this cluster and then identify the list of entities on the left side of the screen.




  • You can navigate, and use some filters : time line, source type, and the entity type.


If you are interested only on academic players involved in cloud security virtualization, click on universities, and you will find 48 entities. You get the list of active organizations coming from academia and universities first.

You can include also research labs.

If you are now interested in what industries do related to that topic, click on small companies and you will get the list of entities.

The foam tree changes accordenly to the references related to the filters used.

So 173 companies and almost 400 references are related to cloud security virtualization.

You can see sources type are : conferences, publications, grants, specialized news and monitoring web.

You can also include corporations in your search.

If you want to include corporations, you can see that the foarm tree changes and the list of entities too.

And now, let’s go back to cloud security.

We’ve got 13 000 entities related to that topic.

Now this is the score on a set of parameters that we think the users of the platform value.

  • The ranking can be personalised.

If you are interested in data coming from conferences, you can see that IBM is the most active organizations.


  • The map:

If you are interested in countries which participate the more to conferences, have a look at the map.


You can have a look on who has been more succesful attracting grants in academics, in this case you can see that US are very successful.

If you go to the map, you filter on the area you are interested in, in this case Europe, you can filter the search on this area and you will see the list of entities that are European.




As you can see that UK and Germany are involved a lot in cloud security.

If you look for what do small companies, you can see that most of them come from US.


You are interested on an European level on academics which have received grants, check the map again


and you can explore a country for example UK.

There are many UK universities which have received grants :


  • Let’s get interested in the profile of the Imperial College of London:

You can see the profile and the references of Imperial College of London in cloud security :


and explore these references.

Here are the grants that the Imperial College of London has received in cloud security :


So it is easy to find the grants received by an institution, on a national level or on a European project.

Which are the small companies which have received grants and are the most active in cloud security ? You can add corporations.


  • What about the functionality Visual Insights ? How can we see some results with graphs ?


We can see that cloud security is a topic closed to market :

Regarding the entity distribution, the percentage of small companies and corporations is much higher than the academic side.

It is the same for source distribution :

Most documents come from the web 44,76%, whereas conferences represent 27,68% and publications 19,48%.

Let’s see the analysis per country.

You can see the dominance of the USA.

If you are interested in entity distribution per year, you can notice that more and more players are academic in this field, and that the number of entites have grown a lot in 2015.

So to be able to discover all theses informations, you can use :

  • the topic suggestions related to cloud security
  • the discovery foam tree
  • the set of entities and play with the rankings
  • different filters
  • the map
  • the graohs with visual insights


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