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euroCRIS is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to the development of quality CRISs (Current Research Information Systems) enabling a wide-scale interoperability. In particular euroCRIS is mandated by the EC to support, develop and promote CERIF (Common Research Information Format) which is an EU recommendation to the Member States. On the 1st of February 2014 euroCRIS had 124 institutional, 42 personal and 24 affiliate members (350 delegates) in 43 countries; average annual membership increase is 15%. The ultimate goal is Open Access to all European (and wider) Research Information for research managers, evaluators, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, media and citizens.  euroCRIS has members on all continents except Antarctica and outside Europe there are strategic initiatives with Australia, South America, USA and Canada.

CERIF is widely used.  It has entities and attributes appropriate for recording information on legalistic and economic aspects of research entities particularly datasets, publications, patents and products.  As such it is positioned to assist in interoperation and homogeneous access over heterogeneous sources of information.  CERIF has been adopted by the EC Project OpenAIREPlus concerning research publications, datasets and their evaluation and is used for interoperation in ENGAGE and EPOS-PP.   In this context it is also being considered within RDA (Research Data Alliance) especially through the three groups working on metadata which all have euroCRIS representation as co-chairs.  The potential further standardisation of CERIF is also being discussed with W3C.

euroCRIS has access to a large relevant community concerned with access to big open data and has provided a data model (CERIF) for recording the existence and characteristics of such datasets.  euroCRIS has encouraged SMEs to provide systems and tools to utilise CERIF; these SMEs have many installed systems , customers who are benefitting in real commercial terms and the SMEs themselves are profitable and creating employment.  In fact they have been so successful that two SMEs have been taken over by Elsevier and Thomson-Reuters respectively.

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Helping taking full advantage of CERIF for the purposes of HOLA Cloud on-line platform. Also, participating in the ISC for the Scientific Conference

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