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Linknovate Inc. was funded 2 years ago in the US. Linknovate Science SL was recently funded by the same team, including their cofounders, to operate in the EU. It´s important to clarify that Linknovate Science SL is a completely independent Spanish company who still utilizes the know-how and “lean startup” methodologies learnt by the founding team in Silicon Valley.
The founding team of Linknovate Science SL is the same as Linknovate Inc: two Spaniards, Manuel Noya and Javier Cambón. They both have deep connections at Stanford University and two of the Universities from the North of Spain: University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and University of A Coruña (UDC). Part of the work to be developed by Linknovate Science SL will be in collaboration with UDC Information Retrieval Lab.

Role in the project

Linknovate role is to develop the core layer of the digital part of the project. Based on the Hola platform concept, which is aligned with development, Linknovate Science SL will take care of the platform´s core capabilities:

  • Indexing
  • Entity recognition
  • Duplicate checks
  • Automatic profile creation

The ultimate purpose of the platform is to build an interface that provides technology insights, and show R&D data in a visual and intuitive way, including features like:

  • Expert recommendation and profiling
  • Hot-spots maps and profiling (companies and academic institutions)
  • Visualization of search results (text clustering)

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