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University of Ulm

University of Ulm

Ulm University is a public university in the city of Ulm, in the South German state of Baden-Württemberg, one of the economically strongest regions of Europe with more than 11 million inhabitants. The university was founded in 1967 and focuses on natural sciences, medicine, engineering sciences, mathematics, economics and computer science. It is regarded one of the best universities in the world in the field of Optoelectronics, RF Circuit Design and Microelectronics. It ranks among the top universities in Germany for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Ulm University is represented in POLCA by the institute for Information Resource Management (OMI). The institute is closely connected to the central service unit communication and information centre (Kommunikations- und Informationszentrum – kiz) of Ulm University responsible for all IT services, media services, digitial printing and the university library.
Both the institute as well as the central service unit are directed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Wesner. The institute has a strong research and development background in embedded and parallel systems and communication networks and is a member of the Electric Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology Faculty and fully engaged in the teaching curriculum. The Institute thus now incorporates expertise from embedded systems, high performance computing and cloud computing.
The Communication and Information Centre (KIZ) provides IT services to the whole university, ranging from common mail support etc. up to the provisioning and maintenance of dedicated compute cluster for research purposes. As such, it operates a regional Compute-Server which provides a high processing power and a huge working storage in particular for I/O intensive applications with more than 10.000 Cores to the researchers at all 9 state universities in the region.

Role in the project
UULM is primarily a university and therefore has a strong obligation to education of future researchers, fostering and promoting knowledge and to continue expertise through dedicated research projects. In this role, UULM is actively involved in multiple workshops and reporting activities to stay at the fore-front of up-to-date knowledge. Due to its strong position in 3 major IT topics within one single institute, it has strong collaborations with many academic and commercial sectors.
UULM will mainly contribute to the gathering of knowledge, fostering the exchange and generation of the roadmap with its expertise in these major IT fields, as well as with its past experience in the generation of such roadmaps within all these areas.

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