HOLA Cloud Portal

The HOLA Cloud Portal sets as a new way of accessing and sharing knowledge; the one-stop-shop for identifying projects, key players, suppliers, startups and early-stage technologies in the field of Cloud Computing. It provides researchers and industry with an innovative tool able to make sense of research data, evolving from a simple search engine to a completely automated and visual technology scouting engine.

The HOLA Cloud Portal provides business intelligence and collaborative research insights over the metadata extracted from >0.5M documents in the area of Cloud Computing alone, including: publications; conference proceedings; news and specialized blogs; EU, USA and National projects and grants; etc. It provides ‘fresh data’ versus the usual analysis of ‘old data’, thus bringing an always up-to-dated look at what is happening. It allows to show evolution over time of the particular topic of interest, together the most active organizations working on that topic.

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