HOLA Cloud Roadmap

As main output of the Cloud Forward conferences, the Cloud Forward Roadmap aims at setting mid/long term R&D priorities of the areas of Software, Services and Cloud Computing (towards 2030).

The first issue of the roadmap is based on:

  • position paper, published in the CF2015 proceedings – and based on position papers from successful authors of papers selected for CF2015 – expressing the opinion of the co-authors about the actual challenges that the technology providers have to face in the coming years, the support that the EC and other public bodies can provide to the growth of the sector, the obstacles that should be overcome, etc.
  • the results of discussions of the four clusters of projects part-funded by the EC related to CLOUD computing;
  • the discussion among participants at the final plenary session of CF2015;
  • the reports from EC expert groups on CLOUDs and software engineering;
  • vision document from the CF2015 co-chairs attached as an annex to the Roadmap;
  • knowledge from the HOLACloud platform providing information on CLOUD initiatives;
  • a paper explaining Complete Computing